Custom Tool Supply Live

Our Gear Experts® are back with more FREE live training! Join us for 3 free exclusive YouTube Live training sessions streamed straight to you from Petzl's Technical Institute facility in Utah on March 9th, 10th, and 11th. The live sessions will begin at 11:30 MT each day. Learn more about the training sessions below

1st Training Session: Tuesday, March 9th @ 11:30 MT

Rescue planning for your at-height safety program.

2nd Training Session: Wednesday, March 10th @ 11:30 MT

Personal protective equipment for at-height work.

3rd Training Session: Thursday, March 11th @ 11:30 MT

How to use rope access techniques in every industry + tips and tricks for at-height work.

Past Live Sessions

Rooftop Safety - Frequently asked questions related to Foot Level Tie-Off, SRLs, Horizontal Lifelines, Edge Protection, and more.

Ladder Safety and Safe Climb Systems - Requirements for safety climbs on ladders, proper ladder inspection, timelines for fixed ladder installation, and more featuring 3M Fall Protection (DBI Sala).