Ironman Tower Climbing Harness (XL)

Reliance Fall Protection
Ironman Lite Series Full Body Harness: X-Large

• Super light-weight with durable polyester Tattletale webbing.
• Features high strength aluminum alloy hardware, which reduces weight and is resistant to corrosion.
• Product features connection points for fall arrest, positioning, climbing and suspension.
• Sturdy, removable suspension seat for prolonged work at heights.


Product Specifications:

• Webbing Polyester, min strength 7,500 lbs.
• D-Rings Aluminum Alloy, SAE 7075, min. strength 5,000 lbs.
• Buckles Aluminum Alloy, SAE 7075, min strength 3,375 lbs.
• Standards OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1