Wire Wrap-Strip-Unwrap Tool


WSU-2224 - Wrap-Strip-Unwrap Tool, 22-24 AWG


Each WSU wire wrapping tool wraps, unwraps and even strips the appropriate wire diameter with a unique built-in stripper blade. Ideal for bench use or tool kit in all service and repair applications. In addition to versatility, convenience, and reliability, the WSU Series offers exceptional value. Regular Wrap, Gauges 22-24 AWG, Terminal Hole Diameter 0.075 inches, Terminal Hole Depth 1.5 inches, Outside Diameter 0.213 inches, Square Post 0.045 inches. Unwrap side: Terminal Hole Depth, 1.7 inches, Outside Diameter 0.119 inches


Wrap Type:                     Regular
Wire Gauge:                   22-24 AWG (0.65-0.50 mm)
Terminal Hole Dia:        0.075" (1.9 mm)
Terminal Hole Depth:   1.50" (38.1 mm)
Outside Diameter:         .213" (5.4mm)
Wrap Post Size:               0.045" (1.14 mm)
Functions:                       Wrap, Unwrap, and Strip
Length:                             6-1/4" (158.75mm)