Return Path Meter


The NEW RSVP meter. Features: * Tests the Return Path From Subsciber's Terminal to Headend * Test subscribers House Cabling for Ingress Potential * Pass/Fail and Data Readouts * Small, Lightweight and Simple to Use Now there is a return path testing system specifically designed for the CATV installer. Most return path ingress problems begin in the subscriber's home. Errors in installation, defective cabling, mis-installed or loose hardware - any of these can disrupt return path communications or allow ingress to enter the cable system. The best way to avoid subscriber-generated return path problems is to test the quality of the path during every installation. The Trilithic Guardian RSVP2 reverse path tester and Guardian IsoMeter equip the installer to "proof" the return path all the way from the subscriber to the headend, and to verify that the subscriber's cabling will prevent ingress from entering the system. Return Path Tests: Quick, Sure & Easy Operation is simple. Just connect the Guardian RSVP2 reverse path tester in place of the subscriber's set top terminal or cable modem and press the "TEST" button. The RSVP2 communicates with a Trilithic 9580 SST reverse path analyzer located in the headend, and initiates a test sequence. Automatic measurements determine whether the level of reverse signal needed to communicate with the headend is within the capabilities of the subscriber terminal and calculate the return path Carrier/(Noise + Ingress) ratio. The RSVP2 then compares the results of both tests to user-settable limits and gives the installer a simple "PASS" or "FAIL" message. The installer can also recall the actual measurement data as an aid to troubleshooting. ConfigR Software ConfigR is a simple PC software that sets the Guardian RSVP2 to the appropriate transmit and receive frequencies, signal levels and the limit values that it will use to evaluate the return path performance. Only one copy of ConfigR is needed per site. A special interface cable for connecting the RSVP2 to the PC is provided with the software. ConfigR will run on any IBM ? compatible computer, 486/33 or greater with 4Mb of RAM, and 2Mb of available hard drive, operating Windows 3.1 or later Windows ? operating system. Guardian IsoMeter When set to "SOURCE" mode, the RSVP2 reverse path tester generates a special reverse test signal which the installer can inject into the house cabling to "ring out" an installation. A companion instrument, the Guardian IsoMeter Reverse Leakage Detector, is sensitive to the RSVP2's test signal. If the IsoMeter detects reverse frequency leaks, the installer can find their sources by listening to the IsoMeter's audible tone while moving in the direction that causes a rise in pitch. When everything is tight no leakage is detectable, and the installer can be sure that the cabling in that home is ready to withstand all common sources of ingress.