OneAdvisor All-in-One Cell-site Meter (Coax & Fiber)


VIAVI OneAdvisor-800
All-in-One Cell-site Installation and Maintenance Test Solution
One Solution. One Process. One Report.


This meter can be customized into MANY different configurations. 
Please call to find out what configuration would work best for you. 

Cell Site Installation (Coax and Fiber Verification)
• Cable and antenna: reflection tests, distance to faultand cable loss.
• Job manager: configurable test procedures and cons olidated reports
• Smart Access Anywhere: remote control connectivity
• StrataSync: cloud services for instrument and data management


LTE and 5G network topologies and infrastructure technologies must converge flawlessly at a cell site to ensure peak performance. In order to integrate all the elements into a functioning cell site, installation and maintenance teams have been using multiple test sets, manual test processes, and manual report consolidation. With the volume of new cell sites that must be installed, multiple test sets and manual processes simply don’t meet the work speed and accuracy now required.