Rope (1/2") Kernmantle Braided (600-Ft)

Pelican Rope Works

Static Kernmantle Braided Rope (1/2" x 600-feet) on a spool.

Pelican Static Kernmantle Rope is the first choice for strenuous use by arborists, fire and rescue professionals. Pelican’s block creel static kernmantle construction features a tough chemical-resistant polyester cover over a nylon core providing maximum energy absorption while remaining firm yet flexible enough to be tied and passed over pulleys or sheaves. Steam setting helps to eliminate cover over core slippage.



• 1/2" (13.5mm) Diameter
• 9,807 lbs ABS
• U.L. Certified to NFPA 1983-2006 edition standards. Rope comes with waterproof ID tape.
• Made in the USA