Ergodyne & GME Supply Tower Technician Tethering Kit


Our Gear Experts at GME Supply are continuously trying to provide you with innovative solutions for your problems. The tenacious experts at Ergodyne feel the same way. When we get together we offer you tenacious solutions to your problem. This Tower Technician Tethering Kit has what you need to secure your tools while getting the job done. This kit is designed with the tower tech in mind.


As a tower technician, you need a wide variety of tools to get the job done. Sometimes, carrying all those tools can be difficult. In at-height work, dropped tools can not only cause harm to those below you, but it can also damage costly tools and equipment. Our Gear Experts? are continuously striving to keep our customers in mind and provide innovative solutions for Jobsite problems.

We’ve teamed up with our tenacious friends at Ergodyne before and this time we’ve come up with a kit designed with tower technicians in mind. The Ergodyne + GME Supply Tower Technician Tethering Kit has everything you need to secure your tools whether you’re climbing or working. Combining the Ergodyne Squids 3170 kit with the knowledge of our Gear Expert ensures that you get the best kit and the knowledge to go with it!

Stop worrying about dropped tools and rest assured that your tools are safely secured with this kit. Featuring 19 pieces of tethering equipment ranging from small to extra large tool traps, specialty traps for tools like measuring tapes, and self-adhering tape, this kit has a little bit of everything you need to retrofit and tether your tools.


Kit Includes:

3780L Power Tool Trap (3)
3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap (1)
3770L Tape Measure Trap (1)
3740S Hand Tool Trap - Small (1)
3740M Hand Tool Trap - Medium (1)
3740L Hand Tool Trap - Large (1)
3740XL Hand Tool Trap - XL (1)
3790 Shackle Trap - Small (1)
3790 Shackle Trap - Medium (2)
3790 Shackle Trap - Large (2)
3103 Elastic Tool Tail 3-Pack (1)
3118F(x) Tool Lanyard (1)
3108F(x) Tool Lanyard (1)
3011 Retractable Tool Lanyard (1)
3700 Web Tool Tail - Medium (1)
3166 Coil Tool Lanyard (1)
3705 Wire Screwgate Tool Tail (1)
3713 Elastic Loop Tool Tails Swivel (3-pack) (1)