Hitch Mount for AB Capstan Hoist


 Faster than any other method, this job-ready mount puts a capstan hoist in the right position for pulling, stringing and lifting jobs. With the hoist stored on it, the mount’s square tube simply inserts and pins in any 2"-square receiver of a Class III or IV towing hitch. Now capstan hoists can be as universal as this type trailer hitch is to most service vehicles. The T3080999 Hitch-Receiver Mount features a hole pattern specifically designed to fit Swivel-Base Mount C3080903. The swivel mount’s turntable design permits proper alignment without repositioning service vehicle. The swivel mount permits pinning the bracket at every 15 degree interval around the circular base for stringing, tensioning, sagging conductors; pulling in cable; hoisting equipment; setting poles; pulling vehicles. The Hitch-Receiver Mount is rated at 1,000 lb. to correspond with the ratings of capstan hoists for which it is intended. Only 12V, 115V and Hydraulic 1,000-lb.-rated hoists are recommended for truck mounting.

*Requries the use of C3080890 (C-Bracket) and C3080903 (Swivel Base).