TIBLOC Emergency rope clamp


TIBLOC Emergency rope clamp

Extremely compact and lightweight, the TIBLOC is an emergency rope clamp for ascending ropes or setting up hauling systems.


• Extremely compact and lightweight: an efficient piece of basic equipment
• Versatile: this rope clamp is easy to use with a locking carabiner for ascending ropes or for setting up hauling systems (progress capture)
• System presses the carabiner against the rope to guarantee that the rope clamp grips the rope immediately and completely in any position: no risk of rope damage due to the teeth catching partially on the sheath
• The cam has teeth and a self-cleaning slot to optimize performance under any conditions (rope that is icy, muddy...)


 - Material(s):  stainless steel
 - Weight:   35 g
 - Rope compatibility:  8 to 11 mm
 - Certification(s):  CE EN 567, EAC