Centurion Flex NoPac Lanyard


Elk River Centurion Flex NoPac Lanyard
Elk River Centurion Series Lanyard that features large aluminum carabiners on the ends.

• Flex-NoPac Energy-Absorbing Web Lanyard (3.6M Gate)
• Energy-Absorber maximum arresting force will be 900 lbs. or less when used in a 6 ft or less free fall
• 1-1/2" x 6' Twin Leg
• Polyester Elasticized Webbing
• (1) 3/4" Centurion Zsnaphook
• (2) Large Aluminum Carabiner on Legs, 2" Gate Opening
• 3.5M Gate, Minimum Tensile Load 5,000 lbs.

Meets Standards:
  -ANSI Z359.13-2009
  -ANSI A 10.32-2004
  -CSA Z259-11-05

Weight: 3.9 Lbs