Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica


Rock Exotica P51d Omni-Block Double Swivel Pulley, 1.5"


Rock Exotica have reinvented the pulley. These machined pulleys are milled from solid alloy so they can take material away where it's not needed and leave it where it is. That's why these pulleys are more compact and lighter compared to conventional stamped pulleys. The axle is machined as part of the sideplate, allowing use of a flush head axle screw.
The Omni-Block combines a pulley with a swivel and offers tremendous advantages. It can replace a conventional pulley carabiner & swivel and is lighter, less expensive and saves valuable vertical space. It also allows installing/removing the rope while the pulley is still anchored. While the standard version serves the needs of most users, the Omni is also available with some specialized options.



Weight: 14.5 oz (411 gm)


Breaking Strength:
2 x 9 kN x 2=36 kN

Working Load:
2 x 2 kN x 2=8 kN

Max Rope Diameter: 13 mm
Sheave Diameter:
1.5” (38 mm)

Certification: CE