Illumagear Halo SL Headlamp


The Illumagear HALO SL is the next generation of safety with 360° of situational awareness lighting. Providing visibility in all directions up to a quarter-mile away. The next generation of the Illumagear has the spotlight and task light features giving you more control. The single battery provides up to 121 hours of lighting and is rechargeable, no need to look for spare batteries. Fits most hardhats and is water-resistant with an IP67 rating.


• 360° visibility for a quarter-mile
• 50-foot spotlight
• Powerful flood task lighting
• Compatible with any standard hard hat

Rechargeable battery


Dimensions (inches):
Length: 10.32
Width: 13.07
Height: 1.12
Max Light: 360° mode: 276 lumens
Spot Light: 406 lumens
Task Light: 262 lumens
Type: Single Lithium-Ion 18650 cel; 3.5Ah
Life: 1.5 to 121+ Hours
Dielectric Strength: 30,000V (minimum)
IP67-Dustproof and water-resistant