Strip Tool

Ripley / Cablematic

Dual Drop Trimmer Small Body Design that allows cable preparation of 59, 6, 7 and 11 coax cable. One Step cable preparation precisely exposes the center conductor by 5/16" & removes the proper length of jacket at 1/4"
• Built-in strip stop for precise preparation every time.
• Lightweight, impact resistant "High-Visibility" yellow polymer construction.
• Can be supplied with a Mini Coax Cable cassette in place of 7 & 11 cassette.
• Blade cassettes color-coded and marked with cable series type and braid preparation dimensions for easy identification.
• Length: 3.59 in (92.08 mm)
• Weight: 2 ounces (57.0g)
• Note: Tool is not intended for Plenum Series Cable Construction.


Replacement blades:

RC596-250    (59/6)

RC711-250    (7/11)