Strip Tool


Double Ended Coax Stripper for RG7/11 and RG59/6/6Q


The Platinum 15020C double ended coax stripper quickly and easily strips a broad range of coax cable in a single step without any adjustments. The blades are designed to produce a ¼-Inch braid, 2-level strip, the standard for compression connectors. It works with RG7/11/213/8 and RG59/6/6 Quad cables and quickly removes cable jacket and dielectric. The 15020C is preset and doesn't require any adjustments; it's compact, lightweight and is simple to control.  


• Works with RG7/11/213/8 and RG59/6/6 Quad Cables
• Quickly removes cable jacket and dielectric
• Preset, requires no adjustment
• Compact, lightweight and simple operation