Strip Tool (Mini-125)

Ripley / Cablematic

Get the perfect trim on all of your mini cables with Ripley's LDT-MINI-125. This stripper is a lightweight cable prep tool, with a compact body design that allows cable preparation of Mini Cable without any adjustment or blade cassette change out. The difference with the LDT-MINI-125 is that it leaves 1/8" braid but still works with 22-24 AWG Mini Coax Cable.


Built in strip stop for precise preparation every time
Lightweight, impact resistant "High Visibility" yellow polymer construction
Superior quality tool steel blade cassettes
Blade cassettes color-coded and marked with cable series type for easy identification
Note: Tool is not intended for Plenum Series Cable Construction


One step cable preparation precisely exposes the center conductor by 5/16" (7.93mm) and removes the proper length of jacket at 1/4" (6.35mm) leaving 1/8" of braid.
Will perform 3500+ preparations under normal usage
Length: 4 in.
Weight: .8 oz.
Made in the U.S.A
The LDT-MINI-125 Prepares the following Cables:

Belden - YR 46940, 1283, 1283S, 1855, 1855A, 7534
Beta Cavi - N35
CommScope: 7534, #23AWG, 7538, 7538B, 7539/7539H, 7301S
Honeywell - 5019, 50 29, 5099
Times Fiber - T59M67T-VBV, 759MQ65/40-VBV