Strip Tool


(Cable type: 6 & 59) In one easy step, our CPT tools remove the right amount of cable jacket, cut the braid and dielectric to the proper length, and expose the center conductor. Quality steel blades ensure 2,500 - 5,000 preparations with each cartridge. Our CPT series of color-coded drop stripping tools ensures quality connections and satisfied customers every time. Lightweight and yet rugged enough for the toughest jobs, these tools are virtually indestructible.

• 3 Operations in one step
• Hardened tool-steel blades
• Factory calibrated strip-back dimensions
• Comfortable and easy to operate
• Automatic cleanout feature
• Comes with an extra replacement cartridge

• Cable Type: 6 & 59
• Braid Exposure: 0.25"
• Center Conductor Exposure: 0.25"


Replacement Blade: RBC-6590