Stripper & Compression Tool Kit


The Channel Master compression connector kit includes ten TRS6 compression connectors, a connector compression tool and a cable preparation tool which is ideal for the 'Do-It-Yourself' individual or professional installers who require quality. The connectors in this kit are weatherproof and are approved by major cable and satellite companies including Dish Network and WildBlue. The compression tool will work for a variety of coax connectors and will grant years of dependable and rugged use as well as the cable prep tool which is included. This kit will get your from step A to Z when applying connectors to coaxial cable and is the most convenient way to apply connectors to your custom length coaxial runs.

Features and Benefits
• Installation Kit
• Includes superior quality TRS6 'F' connectors
• Includes durable connector compression tool
• Includes cable preparation tool
• All you need to apply connectors to coaxial cable