Insertion Aids & Miscellaneous

CA Series Drop Cable Assist Tool • Handy rubber cable grip designed to hold 59, 6, 7 & 11 series coaxial cable during the pulling operation & connector insertion • Stable base is designed for most data/voice modular jacks when punching down wire • Construction from flexible, rubberized material to ensure maximum cable & wire gripping action   Compatibility Cable Type:     59/6, 7, 11 Cable Access:  Mid-Span   Material:  Rubber Length:     3″ (76 mm) Weight:    1.4 oz (41 g)
The Heat Prep CHT makes connector insertion easier than ever. It is the first tool of its kind that tackles the challenge of making reliable, rock-solid connections every time when working with dry, brittle, cold or cracked cable, especially in harsh winter conditions. It is also ideal when working with tough cable jacket types. By applying controlled heat, the CHT makes virtually any cable jacket more pliable and more workable, which saves technicians’ hands. The CHT is designed to ensure precise connections when working with many different cable types, brands and gauges up to an outer dimension of .45", including RG-6 and RG-11, direct-burial, LMR-style, and power cables. • The only hand-held tool that safely makes cable jacket material more pliable, more workable. • Reduces the force needed for connector insertion by more than 300%, which means less wear and tear on technicians’ hands. • Predictable, rock-solid connections ensure quality work, reduced service calls. • Field tested and proven to withstand the harshest conditions and toughest applications.   Safe, Controlled Heat: Professionally engineered to safely deliver just the right amount of heat, the CHT is the smart alternative to the hazardous practice of using lighters or torches to soften cable jacket material. Simple, Efficient Design: The CHT is comfortable to hold, easy to operate, and reliable even in the toughest working conditions. There’s no special technique or guesswork required to get perfect results every time. Long-lasting, Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: The battery provides 15 to 45+ heating cycles per charge, depending on conditions, and a total life of 10,000 heat cycles. The indicator light shows charging status. Medical-grade, Waterproof Silicone Casing: Designed to withstand the toughest field conditions, the Heat Prep CHT performs reliably in the harsh winter environments where cable heating is needed most. Easy Operation, Easy-to-read Indicator Lights: With the push of a button, color-coded indicator lights show exactly when the CHT has reached the appropriate temperature and is ready to use. No need to worry about excessive, potentially cable-damaging heat. Wide Range of Cable Applications: The CHT supports many cable types, brands and guages up to an outer dimension of .45", including RG-6 and RG-11, direct-burial, LMR-style, and power cables. Fits into Existing Pouches: Conceived by technicians for technicians, the CHT shuts itself off automatically when a task is completed and is designed to fit conveniently into all standard tool pouches used by technicians.   Weight 1.4 lbs/.62 kg Length 8.5 in/21.59 cm   Click here for a video showing the Heat Prep Cable Heating Tool in use.     
Flaring & Insertion Tool - FT-6 The flaring end of the tool facilitates the expansion of the cable providing easier insertion of "F" connectors. The insertion end makes "F" connector insertion fast and easy, even in cold weather. This tool is recommended for use on polyethylene jacketed cables and plenum cables, and is especially helpful when using tri-shield and quad-shield cables. 4 1/4" long