Compression Tool

Ripley / Cablematic
CT2-AS-EX Compression Assembly Tool
Assembles 59,6,7 and 11 "F" compression type connectors (PCT-TRS and PPC-EX compression connectors)

• Designed for the use of lower hand force when the tool is in compression mode
• Spring loaded handle with push button handle lock to keep tool compact and pouch friendly
• Compact ergonomic design with high strength cast aluminum body
• Easy to use around and in wall boxes where space and cable length may be limited
• Spring loaded split jaws position cable and connector for easy insertion and removal
• Tool requires no special adjustment or adapters and can be kept in calibration with a supplied guage block
• Length: 8.19 in (210.00 mm)
• Weight: 14.28 ounces (408.0g)