Compression Tool

Sargent Quality Tools


Designed for use with environmentally sealed RG6/59 AND RG11/7 male F compression connectors.

9030 US Features:
• For use with RG6/59 AND RG11/7 male drop compression connectors produced by PCT (TRS) and PPC (EX Series).
• Spring-loaded cable positioners provide 360 degrees support against connector assuring uniform compression of connectors.
• Eliminates faulty connections such as tight nuts, bent connectors, or popped o-rings.
• Counter bore finder design properly seats connector assuring accurate alignment of connector prior to compressing.
• Toggle action assures complete connector sealing, eliminating the need for a complicated ratchet mechanism.
• High mechanical advantage reduces compression force during installation. Ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue.
• Handle design allows easy access when terminating in a M.D.U. enclosure or dealing with a short stub-in.
• Tools conservatively rated or 25,000 cycles in high load connectors.