Voltage, Continuity & Current Tester

Fluke / Harris

Fluke T5-600 Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester The T5-600 is a versatile troubleshooting tool to carry to every job site. Use it to check voltage, continuity, and current with one compact tool. Just select volts, ohms, or current and the tester does the rest. For higher voltage applications check out the Fluke T5-1000.

Automatically measure AC and DC voltage up to 600 V with precise digital resolution

• Auto-selects between AC and DC voltage
• Suitable for residential or commercial applications

Measure current up to 100 A without breaking the circuit with OpenJaw design
• OpenJaw design allows for fast and easy current measurement
• Measure current more safely without metallic contact

Troubleshoot resistance problems up to 1000 Ω
• Measure resistance when troubleshooting motors, HVAC systems or electrical systems
• Built-in continuity beeper provides fast and easy go/no-go tests

Work in tight spaces with detachable Slim Reach probe tips
• Features a compact design with handy probe storage, easily fits in one hand
• The test lead slot in the back makes the meter an “extended handle” for the probe, leaving the other hand free to place the second lead
• Test leads accept Fluke accessory test clips

Key safety features
• Protected to EN61010-1 CAT III 600 V rating
• Integrated protection circuit allows it to stay connected to a voltage source longer than a solenoid tester
• UL and CSA approved

Additional product features
• Withstands a 10 ft. (3 m) drop
• Offers Auto-off mode to conserve battery life
• Fits into an optional holster that attaches to a belt and neatly stows test leads