EasyLift Ladder 28' Extension w/ Hooks & Levels (375lb)

Sunset Ladder Company

EasyLift Fiberglass Extension 28-foot Ladder with D-rungs for comfort. With Hooks/V-rung and Auto Levels.

• Reduces ladder weight 15% - 25% over ordinary extension ladders.
• Non-conductive, fade resistant fiberglass resin for industrial and electrical applications.
• Includes Cable Hooks & Pole Grip
• Type IAA (375 lbs. Duty Rating)

Light Weight with Traditional Features
• 25 percent lighter than standard fiberglass extension ladders
• Uniform D-rung construction for comfort and ease of use, no uncomfortable
round rungs to fatigue user’s feet
• Traditional C-Channel, designed through proprietary pultrusion process
allows for full size side rails to achieve maximum weight savings without
removal of side rail material & assures long lasting durability & safety
• No exposure to internal fiberglass materials to deteriorate or injure user

Cost Savings
• Priced lower than other “light weight” ladders

Upgraded LockRite Rope
• White Poly-blend 3/8” rope with orange tracer
• Rot, Mildew and abrasion resistant
• Extremely flexible
• Softer with minimum elongation

Approved and Rated
• Meets all OSHA Requirements
• Built to ANSI A14.5 requirements

Please call for a freight estimate before ordering.