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If you’re tired of the shoulder pain you experience when carrying an industrial-strength fiberglass ladder, we have some very good news for you. We call it the Permanent-Mount Shoulder Pad. It makes hauling a ladder more like carrying a kitten on your shoulder. (Assuming you can find a 100-pound kitten.) Model PASR-3 Made entirely of polyethylene foam, the PASR-3 is not only extremely strong and durable, it also provides excellent vibration and shock absorbency. And being able to tote your ladder without the accompanying pain means you can more readily carry the ladder in the proper way. So the PASR-3 even helps prevent shoulder and back injuries. It accommodates any shoulder size and shape. Its beveled edges minimize interference with clothing and objects, and help reduce wear and tear to a minimum. It’s also waterproof. Just squeegie the surface with your hand, and you can lay it on your shoulder without getting soaked – even on the rainiest of days. Installation is a breeze, requiring no tools. The PASR-3 Shoulder Pad fits most standard fiberglass and aluminum ladder rails, and it easily fits over rung protrusions, rivets and plates on the outside of the ladder rail. The PASR-3 wears like iron and sticks to your ladder like a good friend. Once installed, you’ve added significant safety and comfort to your ladder – and less than 2 ounces of additional weight! And it’s 100% recyclable.   Ladder Compatibility – Fits most fiberglass and aluminum extension ladders.  Compatibilidad de la Escala –  Encaja la mayor parte de fibra de vidrio y escaleras extensiblees de aluminio. Installation Method – No tools needed.  Clean rail surface with denatured alcohol.  Peel paper away on carved out portion, exposing special adhesive, and apply to rail.  Método de Instalación – Ningunos instrumentos necesarios. Limpie la superficie ferroviaria con el alcohol desnaturalizado. El papel de piel lejos en la parte forjada, exponiendo el pegamento especial, y se aplica al carril. Material – Polyethylene Foam Dimensions – 13-1/2″ length x 2-7/8″ wide x 15/16″ thickness  Weight – 1.6 ounces per unit
Straight Bar Hasp
Master Lock
Model No. 730 7-1/4in (184mm) Long Zinc Plated Hardened Steel Straight Bar Hasp   Product Details The Master Lock No. 730 Hasp features a 7-1/4in (184mm) long hardened steel body. The zinc plated hardened steel hasp provides added strength and weatherability. The hardened steel staple resists cutting, sawing and hammering. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.   Product Features • 7-1/4in (184mm) Long x 1-5/8in (41mm) Wide heavy duty straight bar hasp • Accepts shackle diameter up to 7/16in (11mm) • Zinc plated hardened steel for maximum strength and weatherability • Hardened steel staple resists cutting, sawing and hammering • Hasp body conceals mounting hardware • Mounting hardware included
Model No. 6271 2-7/8in (73mm) Wide ProSeries® Chrome Plated Solid Steel Hidden Shackle Rekeyable Pin Tumbler Padlock   Product Details The Master Lock No. 6271 ProSeries® Hidden Shackle Padlock features a 2-7/8in (73mm) wide reinforced die cast body that withstands forcible attacks and a 3/8in (9mm) diameter boron alloy shackle. The Lock body conceals the shackle, defeating attempts to pry and cut. Ideal for transportation, vending & industrial applications, the high security, rekeyable 6-pin cylinder with spool pins is virtually impossible to pick.   Product Features ProSeries® Padlocks are designed for Commercial/Industrial applications Lock body conceals shackle - defeats attempts to pry and cut 2-7/8in (73mm) wide reinforced die cast body withstands forcible attacks 3/8in (9mm) diameter boron alloy shackle High security, rekeyable 6-pin cylinder with spool pins is virtually impossible to pick
Model No. 770 9in (23cm) Long Hardened Solid Steel Hidden Shackle Padlock Hasp Product Features • Ideal for vans, trucks, gates and vending • 9in (23cm) wide x 4-1/2in (11cm) high hardened solid steel hasp withstands forcible attacks • Defeats attempts to pry and cut • Designed for use with Nos. 6270 and 6271 hidden shackle locks Product Details The Master Lock No. 770 Hasp features a 9in (23cm) wide by 4-1/2in (11cm) high hardened solid steel hasp to withstand forcible attacks and defeat attempts to pry and cut. Ideal for use with vans, trucks, gates and vending machines, this hasp is designed to use Master Lock Nos. 6270 and 6271 hidden shackle padlocks.
Hang Tight Tool Hanger
HangTight Tools LLC
INTRODUCING THE HANGTIGHT™ – EXTENSION LADDER TOOL HANGER The HANGTIGHT™ is an innovative new ladder accessory from HANGTIGHT Tools that enables tradesmen and homeowners to easily and securely hang tools from extension ladders. The HANGTIGHT™ is compact, durable and light-weight hanging up to 35 lbs/15kg securely. Multiple power tools, nail guns, cordless drills, buckets and cans of paint can now safely be hung on either side of an extension ladder. THE HANGTIGHT™ WILL BENEFIT ANYONE WHO USES EXTENSION LADDERS Homeowners, Contractors, Tradesmen, Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, Window Washers, Maintenance and Handymen, Window, Siding, and Gutter Installers, Solar Installers, Roofers, Arborists, Landscapers, Utility Workers, Inspectors, Estimators, Chimney Sweeps, and many others
Hook & V-rung Assembly Attaches to fiberglass extension ladder for cable & pole applications. For use with Werner(62), Louisville & Green Bull ladders.
Automatic Ladder Levelers
Jershon / Level-EZE
Auto Levelers Level-EZE Auto Levels Attaches to fiberglass extension ladders. Auto adjusts up to 8.5” FEET NOT INCLUDED - feet are available seperately. (teet part # FE1ASHOE)  
LL-STB-1 leveler and stabilizer is the ultimate in extension ladder accessories: Easy to use. Easy to install. Tough as nails. And an army of telecommunications companies, utility companies and governmental organizations have - through their own testing - come to know the LL-STB-1 as the safest ladder leveler on Planet Earth. The LL-STB-1 is easy to use. It enables virtually any fiberglass, aluminum or wood extension ladder to adapt to nearly any indoor or outdoor situation - from stairwells to uneven terrain on job sites. Its unique, patented design can be operated using only your foot - freeing your hands to hold the ladder. It is precision manufactured from high-strength 6061-T6 structural aluminum (the same material used to build commercial aircraft). And its patented "Anti-Trip" automatic safety lock exceeds every ANSI and OSHA requirement for ladders up to and including Type 1AA ladders with 375 pound duty ratings. LL-STB-1 levelers are quick and easy to install. (In fact, they can be installed with simple tools in less than 15 minutes.) If you prefer, they can be pre-installed at the ladder factory, or professionally installed by local ladder dealers and service companies, such as Advanced Ladders, Batavia Services, Inc., Industrial Ladder, Nationwide Ladders and Ladder Doctor (all specialists in serving utility companies).
The Ladder Lock is a hand tool used to help secure extension ladders to a variety of surfaces. The Ladder Lock was designed to promote ladder safety and help prevent property damage. The Ladder Lock is about ladder safety and ladder safety awareness. Ladder Lock promotes ladder safety awareness. Safety is a mandatory process when setting up an extension ladder. Always go through the necessary steps to make your ladder as secure as possible. The Ladder Lock will help prevent lateral movement when stepping on or off of the ladder, as well as help prevent property damage from the ladder sliding or blowing off at the top.
6' x 10mm. "The Python" 100-percent braided cable. Convenient, re-keyable cylinder. Use for locking bikes; ladders; etc. Adjustable locking mechanism
Locking Cable
Master Lock
5ft (1.5m) Long x 5/16in (8mm) Diameter Keyed Cable Lock   Product Features • Braided steel for strength and flexibility • Protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching • Integrated pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism for superior pick resistance   Product Details The Master Lock No. 8109D Keyed Cable Lock is 5ft (1.5m) long and features 5/16in (8mm) diameter braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility. The protective vinyl coating protects against scratches. The integrated pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism provides superior pick resistance. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.
Product Features: Keyed alike - same key opens both locks 1-9/16" (40mm) wide solid brass body padlock Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance 4-pin cylinder helps prevent picking
Combination Padlock
Master Lock
Product Features: World’s best selling combination lock Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance Combination security for keyless convenience 3-digit dialing 1-7/8" (48mm) wide durable metal body
CargoLoc 84059 Rachet Tie Downs, 1-Inch x 1500-Pound, 4-Piece   • 500-Pound Load Limit • 1500-Pound Break Strength • Rubberized grip and release
Padlock (Keyed Alike)
Master Lock
Specifications: * Width: 1-9/16" * Shackle Diameter: 9/32" * Shackle Height: 3/4" * Shackle Width: 5/8" MasterLock 3KA0356 Includes: * (1) #3 Key-Alike Lock MasterLock 3KA0356 Features: * 1-9/16" (40mm) wide laminated steel body for superior strength * Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance * 4-pin cylinder helps prevent picking * Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance * Thousands of key changes maximize key integrity * Proprietary rustproofing for longer life
Master Lock
Padlock Fortress Series from Master Lock (1-1/2"). Case hardened steel shackles.
Master Lock
6-5/8in (17cm) Wide Hardened Steel U-Lock with 11-1/4in (29cm) Shackle Clearance   Product Details The Master Lock No. 8195D U-Lock features a 6-5/8in (17cm) wide hardened steel body for maximum strength and reliability. The 5/8in (16mm) diameter double locking shackle is 11-1/4in (29cm) long and made of hardened steel, offering extra resistance to prying, cutting, and sawing. The disc key cylinder prevents picking.  Product Features Extra length shackle to fit more applications Hardened steel body resists cutting, sawing and prying Double locking shackle withstands 3 tons (2.72 metric tons) of pull force Protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching Integrated disc keyed locking mechanism for maximum pick resistance Sliding dust cover protects keyway from dirt and moisture Soft grip for comfortable use, weather and scratch resistance Carrier bracket included for easy transportation    
3-feet long. Webbed polypropylene straps are extremely strong (the working load limit is 250 pounds, but the typical breaking strength is more than 1,250 pounds!). They're more durable and cost-effective than bungees. And unlike bungees, they don't stretch like a rubber band when tightened. Tiegrrs are quick and easy to use. The tapered iron ends make it easy to feed the strap through the solid zinc, rustproof buckle. Slip, zip - you're done!
Tie Down Strap (6')
TieGrr Straps
6-feet long. These webbed polypropylene straps are extremely strong (the working load limit is 200 pounds, but the typical breaking strength is more than 1,200 pounds!). They're more durable and cost-effective than bungees. And unlike bungees, they don't stretch like a rubber band when tightened. Tiegrrs are quick and easy to use. The tapered iron ends make it easy to feed the strap through the solid zinc, rustproof buckle. Slip, zip - you're done!
Ratchet Tie-Down
Master Lock
The Master Lock No. 3059DAT features a 27ft (8.2m) x 2in (51mm) ratchet tie-down strap with StrapTrap to keep strap firmly in place. The S-hooks include retention clips providing additional security.   • 10,000lbs. Break strength • 3,333lbs. Actual use strength • Over-molded grips for easy operation • S-hooks with retention clips to keep hooks secure • Bungee cord and toggle to keep strap firmly in place during use • Length 27ft x 2in (8.2m x 51mm) • Resistance Limit 10,000/3,333 lbs (n/a)
Pro Strap Tie Down
Sunset Ladder Company
2 straps per box (43" each) A tie-down strap that allows you to fasten ladders, lightweight pipe, poles and other job materials quickly and securely to your construction vehicle. Pro-Strap Construction is a SAFER alternative to conventional tie downs. WHAT DOES IT DO? Secures ladders and materials in seconds and in all weather conditions. With its patented Hook-Loop Fastener, you will no longer need wire twists, rubber-hooked tie-downs or hard-to-tie rope knots. The strap itself is designed to stay on the vehicle saving you the time and headache of searching your truck bed for stray tie-downs. The double-stitched polypropylene webbing is strong, durable and reliable in any climate. PRO-STRAP eliminates the hazards and hassles of using rubber hooked tie downs, wire, rope, ratchets and other weak devices. PRO-STRAP is a patented tie-down strap designed by a contractor for contractors and all professional and non-professional users. PRO-STRAP has been in use since 1994 and continues to be a favorite. Get the tie-down strap that works well and looks more wires, no more ropes and no more broken ratchets hanging from your vehicle. Get The Ultimate Tie Down Strap - Pro-Strap Construction
1-3/4" Square, 14 Gauge Tubing. High Gloss Black Finish. Support Arm Telescopes from 24" to 36" For Wider Loads. 250 lb. Load Capacity. Compliments Tool Boxes and like Accessories. Mounting Kit for Multi-Vehicle Use Available.
REAR WINDOW / CAB GUARD NOT INCLUDED. Fits Almost All Pickup Trucks on the market today. Heavy-Duty 14-Gauge Steel Tubing. Adjustable Width & Length. Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. High Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish. Three Crossrails. UPS Acceptable. Ships in One Carton... One SKU.
The RENEGADE XT is longer and extends over the cab for hauling longer items. The Renegade XT is completely adjustable. Through its unique system of strategically placed set bolts and telescoping tubes it will fit anything from a mini pickup truck to a full size pickup truck. Universal Pickup Truck Rack Constructed from Heavy Duty 14 Gage Steel Tubing Width Adjustable 55" to 86' Length Adjustable to 120" Three Cross Rails Front Bar Rotated 45 degrees for better air dynamics Quick Release locking pins for rear bar removal Camper Shell Brackets included to fit around camper shells and tonneau covers that are level with truck roof (27" Clear). High Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish Ships in one carton Weight Capacity 1000 lbs mounted directly to the bed rail. 750 lbs mounted to the camper shell adapter plates. REAR WINDOW / CAB GUARD NOT INCLUDED.
Van Rack 300 Series Bolt-on Roof Rack - (Leak-Proof Kit Included) (Adjustable Width 40" - 68") Permanent mount. Easy On-Board Storage: Cross Tread's Roof Mounted Mini Van Racks allows you to haul anything on top of your minivan. This rack if made especially for a vehicle without rain gutters on the roof, like minivans Just because you bought the mini van instead of the full size truck, it does not mean you have to cancel your trip to the lumber yard. Easy Bolt On Install: The van rack will bolt directly to the roof of the van. A leak proof kit is included in the box. Three Style Options: Black Powder-coated Steel, White Powder-coated Steel, or Bright Diamond-plated Aluminum. Rugged Diamond Plate Construction: All 3 styles feature 4" wide uprights made from 3/16" thick diamond tread plate. Adjustable Design: Maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs when evenly distributed. Additional Cross Rails may be ordered to increase your capacity. The cross rails are adjustable from 40" to 68" to suit your needs.
Buck Ladder Lock Bottom Strap
Buckingham Manufacturing
The Buckingham Ladder Lock System is a combination of a ladder stabilizing strap and a redi-access storage bag that is attached to the ladder. The bottom stabilizing strap is used on poles; it can also be used on trees, to aid in stabilizing the bottom of an extension ladder to prevent kick-out and excessive rocking. The redi-access storage bag for the strap is designed to be attached between the two lower rungs, first and second rungs from the bottom, on the base section of the extension ladder.  Components of the Ladder Lock System • The strap is constructed of yellow fabric webbing 1 inch wide with a slip-through cam buckle, a snap-hook and D- ring on each end of the strap. The snap hooks and D-rings are used to secure the ends of the strap around each side rail of the ladder and the cam buckle is used to tighten and secure the strap in place. • The redi-access storage bag is made of yellow water resistant material with a Velcro® opening. The two upper corner straps each have a plastic friction buckle and the two bottom corner straps have quick connect buckles. The quick connect buckles are there to enable the bag to be moved so the strap can be removed more easily. When the extension ladder is against the pole at the proper climbing angle, the bag too is also at an angle. By disconnecting the quick connect buckles, the bag will fall to a more vertical angle making it easier to remove the stabilizing strap from inside. This is not a necessity, just a convenience if preferred. NOTE: This product cannot thoroughly secure the ladder unless the top of the ladder, depending on the circumstance, is also secured. The strap is not intended to compensate for poor or uneven footing or an improper climbing angle.