Wire Fishing & Pulling

Wire Running Kit (35-Feet)
Jameson Corporation
Sectional Push Rods (Glow Rods) Installer Kit. Includes the following: 2 each 5'x1/4" 4 each 5'x 3/16" 2 each 30"x1/4" 2 bullet nose 2 hooks 1 whisk & recloseable tube
Wire Running Kit (Creep-Zit)
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Wire Running Kit Labor Saving Devices Creep-Zit kit. Heavy Duty, threaded wire running rod kit. Total length of 30 feet.  The Creep-Zit Heavy Duty wire running rods are made with a larger 1/4" diameter FIBERFUSE™ fiberglass construction (over 50% thicker than our standard Creep-Zit rods) to provide greater stiffness without sacrificing the outstanding durability, shape memory, and splinter-free use that has always been associated with our Creep-Zit line of rods. Like all our Creep-Zit rods, the Heavy Duty version uses superior quality threaded connectors but in a larger diameter (will not connect to standard diameter Creep-Zit rods). These connectors are super strong; with extra thread length and a hex shape to allow the connectors to be tightened together.   Kit Includes:     Four FiberFuse™ 6ft. push/pull rods with male and female threaded connector ends     One FiberFuse 6ft. push/pull rod with a fixed bull nose end and a female threaded connector end     Luminous Whisk Threaded Connector Tip     Lighted Bull-Nose Threaded Connector Tip     Ball Chain Lanyard (12” length)     Kit is packaged in a clear square plastic tube  
Magne Pull Kit
This incredible tool will give you a return on your investment the first time you use it! The Magnepull cuts wire fishing time by up to 70%! Eliminate multiple trips in and out of attics and crawl spaces. This amazing tool magnetically couples the cable-pulling device through drywall and allows technicians to have complete control. The system was developed to work with metal studs, wood studs, insulated walls, and even carpet! Great for Alarm, Cable, Satellite, Home Theater, Electrical, CCTV, Access Control, DataComm, and any other type of installation where wire fishing is necessary.
Cable Caddy
Eagle Point Product
Safety Green folding cable caddy. Designed to be light weight & extremly  durable. Built from high quality, high strength, light weight steel tubing that is  0.072” thick with a diameter of 7/8”. No setup is required, just place it on the floor, remove the cotter pin & load your spools. Will hold Cable spools up to 20” in diameter & 17” in height. Weight Capacity 100lbs   Features: • Safety Green • Sturdy steel tubing that is  0.072” thick with a diameter of 7/8” • Durable • Light weight