F-Splitter 2-way (2150MHz)

2150MHz 2-way splitter
Designed to Work Specifically in DIRECTV™,MoCA Enabled, Commercial MDU Environments
The MSAT Splitter Series was specifically designed to work in conjunction with DIRECTV’s™ single wire multiswitch technology (SWM) within Commercial MDU applications. Holland Electronics worked closely with DIRECTV™ and the MoCA Alliance to develop a splitter with on-board MoCA capabilities.
Used after a standard SWM module, or after DIRECTV’s™ new SWM-integrated dish, the MSAT Splitter Series allows you to split the outputs from these devices to provide signal to up to 8 satellite receivers. With sealed F-ports, performance-tested plating and rugged cases, the MSAT Splitter Series can be used indoors as well as in harsh outdoor environments.
• DIRECTV™ Approved
• Low Port-to-Port Isolation
• Sealed F Ports
• Low Insertion Loss
• 29v Power Passing Port
• Flat F Ports