DISH Approved Install Material

12"  Flat Window Jumper is a rail-protected coaxial cable jumper assemblies for use in doors and window jams when drilling through walls is not permitted. The patent pending rail system protects the precision teflon coaxial cable from deformation due to bending or repetitive impact within a window or door frame. Features: • True Coaxial Cable: 18 dB return loss @ 2150 MHz • Electrical Specs Do Not Degrade With Bending, Impact, or Temp • Higher Connector-Cable Holding Force: Greater than 60 lbs • Thinner Cable: Less than 3mm • High Center Conductor Holding F connectors: Greater than 150g • Impact Durability: 50,000 impacts (with no electrical degradation) • Shape Retention: Employs a metal structure to hold sharper bends Included: • Double-Sided Mounting Tape • Clearance Measurement Tool • Installation Instructions  
RG6 Snap-N-Seal QUAD Connector (bag of 50)
Belden, Cable Pro, ICM, Thomas & Betts
Dish Approved RG6 Snap-N-Seal (Purple) Bag of 50 • QUAD SHEILD • 75 Ohm CATV Connectors Feature Industry Leading Compression Technology • Connection of Choice for Broadband Communications and Satellite Companies • For 6 Series CATV Cables • 100% Waterproof � Superior Environmental Seal Prevents Any Moisture Migration into the Connection • No Performance Degradation Over Time • True 360 Degree Compression Design that Ensures Superior Electrical Performance • Simple-and-Quick to Install ½ Industry's Lowest Compression Force Required for Installation • Color-Coded Sleeves and Permanently Stamped Part Numbers for Easy Connector Identification Both Before and After Installation
Bag of 50. Compression Connector for RG6 Coaxial Cable The New SnapLok series compression connector utilizes 2 independent compression points to seal and hold the coaxial cable to the connector. Other compression type connectors employ only one point for both which requires extensive compression of the cable jacket to achieve the same goal. The SnapLok's patented first stage compression/locking method, in use for over 8 years, insures the highest holding force by using inward facing teeth which lock into the cable jacket.
Bag of 50 PPC 6 Series Universal Compression Connector with Extended Body. Accommodates 60% thru Quad Shield. Accepts industry standard 1/4"-1/4" cable prep. Superior corrosion resistance and RF integrity. The EX6XL connector was designed with the challenging requirements of IP Telephony and High Speed Data. The unique patented design with compliant co-polymer body achieves true universality across all cable braids.
F female splice, brass, high return loss barrel. Dish Approved. (bag of 100)    HIGH PERFORMANCE F SPLICE PRODUCTS Holland Electronics has advanced the traditional F splice technology with a patented design offering a higher level of electrical and mechanical features. The advanced features provide increased return loss beyond 3 GHz, twice the pin contact area and increased holding force for higher current handling and greater reliability.  
The STVC provides low loss diplexing of DBS and TV signals, separating them prior to satellite receiver input. Filters harmonics in the off-air spectrum from satellite conversion devices.
Provides low loss diplexing of DBS and TV signals. Separates TV and DBS signals prior to satellite receiver input, and filters harmonics in the off-air spectrum from satellite conversion devices. The DPD2 diplexer is specifically designed for Dish Network DP44 installations, allowing 2 amp passing without burning out.
3 GHz Dual Ground Block High Frequency F Type 2 Port Ground Block by Holland Electronics. Prevents Damage to Satellite TV Antenna Voltage Protect Connection Mount Outdoor Dish Digital Video Signal. UL listed.
3 GHz High performance Dual Splice ground block features a zinc body with machined threads and multiple ground screws. Nickel plated block and stainless steel ground screws for maximum outdoor survivability. High Electrical Performance for Satellite Frequency. Single, Dual & Extended Lengths. Patented Splice Design. UL Listed. Machined Threads. High Return Loss (>35 dB). Lower Insertion Loss. Flat Port Ends.
Pipe Adapter (1-5/8") for Satellite Dishes. Adapts C-Band and PrimeStar pipes for 18˝ dishes. Powder-Coated Durable Finish.
Senior Industries #4 Split-Bolt Ground Connectors. High strength corrosion resistant copper alloy connectors for use in bonding applications Designed to provide high clamping force Split bolt will accept on any combination of two conductors shown in the chart below UL and CUL listed
Ground Clamp Lip Mount
Senior Industries
Senior industries Front Lip Mount ground clamp.   Engineered to provide an electrical ground connection to customer meter boxes without the need for a ground rod, ground rod clamp or long ground wire runs Patented screw design (cone and tip arrangement) for intimate ground to base metal No preparation of meter box surface required No need to loosen clamp to attach or remove ground wires UL and CUL listed Patented