The In-line Filter connects between the wall jack and voice device (e.g. phone, fax, answering machine, Caller ID) providing a single filtered jack for one or two lines of voice device communications. In-line DSL filters eliminate all erratic impedance from telephone equipment that interfere with DSL communications. Features: Filters are available in one or two line filtering configurations, Customer installable, Meets ANSI T1E1.4 7R2 standards for DSL filter compliance.
Single-line In-Line filter eliminates all the interference between your DSL line and analog telephone lines, resulting in clear lines for all your analog devices.
4-conductor in-line coupler. Use this 4-wire coupler as an inline device for connecting two RJ-11 modular plug-ended line cords. Works great for extending modular circuits without the hassle and expense of hard-wired connecting blocks. They snap together in seconds and are ideal for business telephones systems. Modular Coupler  (Female RJ11 on each end)