Spade (All Steel)

Corona Clipper

Steel Spade, 12 in diamond blade, 54 in steel handle


• Designed for the professional who needs MAXIMUM digging and prying power
• Made for spading, planting, prying, cutting roots, installing edging and digging
• 12 inch pre-sharpened diamond blade, 54” steel handle
• Large handles made from aerospace grade steel for durability
• Solid steel end cap under the red grip allows for tamping
• Heat treated, extra HEAVY DUTY - 12 gauge blade
• FREE- Universal rubber footpad reduces fatigue and shoe damage, fitting either side of the blade with pre-drilled holes
• Closed back design avoids dirt buildup and adds strength
• Powder coated paint for a smooth and comfortable feel
• Red grip for additional performance and easier to find in the field