Ratchet Drive 1/2" (24")


1/2 Inch Drive x 24 Inch Quick-Release Ratchet


90-Tooth Gear = 4-Degree Swing Arc
Smooth and refined, the 90-tooth ratcheting system offers a concise 4-degree swing arc that works in the tightest spaces. Depending on the drive size, the single half-moon pawl maintains 6 to 9 teeth (more than most dual pawl designs) in contact with the gear at all times, ensuring it will never slip or skip under stress. To aid the initial wear-in of mated parts and to keep them moving smoothly, the internals are lubricated with a few drops of light machine oil. The design of the head and ratcheting mechanism allows it to be disassembled for periodic cleaning or lubrication.

Ultra-Compact Head
In most situations, access to tight spaces isn't limited by the thickness of the head because there's still the length of the socket or sometimes an extension to account for. Rather, it's usually a head that's too wide or too long that gets in the way. Unlike "low profile" designs that focus on controlling only the thickness of the head, we reduced the size in every dimension: height, width, and length. And most importantly, we did it without compromising strength.

Sleek and Comfortable Handle
Well-considered, yet simple in design, it is circular in cross section along its entire length. The finger ring is generously sized, with pronounced edges for traction and control, and is useful for any finger placement, including a two-handed grip. The inside edge of the pommel is well-defined to keep your hand from slipping off the end of the handle, while its outer circumference is rounded, allowing you to comfortably apply as much force as needed.


• Length 24.9 in.
• Width 1.5 in.
• Height 1.4 in.
• Head Thickness 0.7 in.
• Working Length 24.1 in.
• Weight 2.36 lb
• Tooth Count 90