Mid Span Slitter (4mm-28.6mm)


Armored Mid Span Cable Slitting Tool
(8 mm - 28.6 mm)

The Jonard Tools Armored Mid Span Cable Slit & Ring Tool is the ultimate tool for gaining mid-span access to armored or thick jacketed cables 4 mm-28.6 mm (0.157”-1.125”) in diameter. 

• Adjustable blade depth up to 5.5 mm (0.216”)
• Precision steel blade will cut through the toughest materials, ensuring no damage to the internal fibers
• Blade can be set to be longitudinal for slitting or radial for ringing
• For use on cables 4 mm-28.6 mm (0.157”-1.125”) in diameter
• Aluminum shaft provides tremendous stability while slitting or ringing, preventing spiraling from occurring
• Shaft housing acts as a handle, providing greater leverage while slitting for convenience while ringing
• Thumb screw allows blade depth to be adjusted quickly by hand
• Rugged anodized aluminum and steel construction for maximum durability


Cut Type:               Slit, Ring
Cable Type:           Armored, Jacket
Cable Diameter:   4 mm - 28.6 mm
Length:                  7.25"
Weight:                  0.739