High Precision Cleaver (V7)

Inno Instruments

V7 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting.

V7 can be installed with a variety of holders: ribbon cable up to 12 fibers as well as universal holder which is applicable to 250μm, 900μm, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable.
• Work efficiency can be maximized with easy and simple 2 step operations.
• The blade provides over 48,000 fiber cleaves with easy and simple blade position selection.
• Helped by unmatched functionalities, users can achieve the most accurate cleaving and ideally prepare their fusion splicing.


Type:  Single & Ribbon Fiber Cable Cleaver
Cladding Dmter:  125μm
Cleaved Legnth:  Single Fiber: 8-250mm  Robbin Fiber: 10mm
Appicable Fiber Cable:  Single Fiber: 250μm, 900μm, 3.0 fiber cable and flat cable
                                          Ribbon Fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable
Typical Cleaved Angle:  Less than .5 Degrees
Typical Blade Life Span:  Total 48,000 fiber cleaves
                                            1,000 fiber for 1 step (total 16 points) 3 heights
Operation Steps:  2 Steps
Reclaim Function:  Blade Pushback
Holder:    Single- universal Holder
                  Ribbon- Replaceable holder

Case included.