Bell Hanger Wood Bit (1/4"x18")

Milwaukee Electric Tool Company

Installer Bellhanger Wood Bit  1/4" x 18"


Bellhanger Bit
Install small wire systems easily and efficiently with the Milwaukee® Bellhanger Bits. Designed for installing all types of small wire systems including computer, security, phone, and cable, Milwaukee Bellhanger Bits provide extra reach where needed and a hole in the tip to help pull wires through holes. The bits feature aggressive tip geometry for faster cutting and non-stick, coated flutes for fast chip removal and reduced binding. The 3-Flat Secure-Grip shank prevents the bits from spinning in the drill chuck. 


Provides a pull-through hole in the tip for easy installation of small wire systems

High-speed drilling
Features an aggressive tip geometry and coated flutes for fast cutting and debris removal

Reduced slipping 
3-Flat Secure-Grip™ shank holds the bit firmly in the drill chuck