Wire Running Kit (Creep-Zit)

Labor Saving Devices, Inc.

Wire Running Kit
Labor Saving Devices Creep-Zit kit. Heavy Duty, threaded wire running rod kit. Total length of 30 feet.  The Creep-Zit Heavy Duty wire running rods are made with a larger 3/16" diameter FIBERFUSE fiberglass construction (over 50% thicker than our standard Creep-Zit rods) to provide greater stiffness without sacrificing the outstanding durability, shape memory, and splinter-free use that has always been associated with our Creep-Zit line of rods. Like all our Creep-Zit rods, the Heavy Duty version uses superior quality threaded connectors but in a larger diameter (will not connect to standard diameter Creep-Zit rods). These connectors are super strong; with extra thread length and a hex shape to allow the connectors to be tightened together.


Kit Includes
• Four FiberFuse 6ft. push/pull rods with male and female threaded connector ends
• One FiberFuse 6ft. push/pull rod with a fixed bull nose end and a female threaded connector end
• Luminous Whisk Threaded Connector Tip
• Lighted Bull-Nose Threaded Connector Tip
• Ball Chain Lanyard (12” length)
• Kit is packaged in a clear square plastic tube