Rodder (7/16"x1000)

Jameson Corporation

The Duct Hunter is a traceable duct rodder that offers a non-invasive solution for locating and mapping underground ducts and pipes. Save time by eliminating digging and trenching. The detectable fiberglass rod incorporates a copper trace wire that can be located at depths up to 10 feet. When used with a signal transmitter to energize the wire, an electromagnetic signal is then detected via hand-held receiver to trace the entire line.

The Duct Hunter comes standard with a male end ferrule, pulling eye and accessory kit conveniently attached to the frame.


• 9" Bend Radius
• Locate sewer laterals to confirm no cross bore has occurred
• Locate ductile iron, plastic, tile or concrete pipe
For use in conduit with an inside diameter 4 inches or larger
• Includes 1000 feet of 7/16-inch diameter traceable fiberglass rod marked every 5 feet
• Dimensions: 47.5" X 44" X 20"