Rodder (3/8"x600') buddy

Jameson Corporation

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Good Buddy II fiberglass rodder. 3/8” x 600’

 A combination of the Good Buddy® and Big Buddy®, our Good Buddy®II is designed to rod or fish conduit with inside diameters of 2” to 4”, but is available in longer rod lengths of up to 600 feet. Its reel is only 38” in diameter, making it big enough to handle the job, but small enough to fit in a mini-van. Foot and meter markings are also available on the Good Buddy® II, which comes standard with an accessory kit and a drag brake for controlling payout.

Good Buddy® II Conduit Rodder

• Rod or fish conduit 2” to 4”
• Same diameter rod as Good Buddy, but in longer lengths
• 15” bending radius 1,000-lb pull strength
• Drag brake to control payout
• Foot and meter markings available on rod
• Uses Good Buddy accessories
40” X 32” X 30”