Magnetic Retrieval System


The MRS-24 is flexible and designed to be used with insulated or uninsulated walls or to fish walls in between floors.
The tool has 2 magnets, one on each end, that are designed to reach in and grab the 10ft ball chain in one of the 2 sized holes you drilled.
• One magnetic end fits in a ¼” inch hole
• One magnetic end fits thru a 3/8” hole


This kit includes:
• 24" Flexible Magnetic Retriever
• 10' of ball chain with 3/4" diameter stop ring
• MRS-RH20 expandable retriever hook
• Storage pouch



To fish a wall using the MRS-24:
• Drill a hole in your wall or top plate, then drop the eye loop end of the ball chain down the wall. The chain will collect at the bottom of the wall
• Locate your wall fish location and take the baseboard off the wall, scoring the wall with a knife first so you do not peel the paint and do not break the base board
• Drill a hole so you can fish the ball chain out using the MRS-24. Make sure the MRS-24 is shaped like a “Z” or “S” so you can go back and forth to find your ball chain
• Once you find the ball chain carefully bring the ball chain to the hole. The chain will not completely come out of the hole. Use the expandable retriever hook and pull the chain out of the hole
• Tie a pull string on the end of the ball chain eyelet. The other end of the pull string is connected to a wire to be fished in the wall
• This helps in case you need pull the cable through rough spots in the wall cavity, so you do not break your ball chain