Fish Tailz Pull Sock (1/8")

Labor Saving Devices, Inc.

Fish Tailz 1/8" Diameter Mesh Sock (3 ft long)

(accommodates single RG6 or equivalent)


Fish Tailz™ - Pull Socks
Pull Wire or Cable Quicker, Without Stripping and Taping

The Fish Tailz™ Pull Sock Kit is an ultra convenient flexible mesh pull sock for pulling wire and cabl. Each mesh sock is made of our proprietary, flexible, expandable and contractible tight weave monofilament mesh. Similar to a “Chinese finger trap,” these socks easily slide onto cable bundles yet provide a super strong grip on the cable when pulled with tension. In each sock, the mesh is fused to an ultra strong bull nose at one end with a cross-hole to allow you to connect your mesh sock to a pull line without taping.