General Wire Pulling Accessories

Power Pull-It Wire Pulling Tool
Madison Electric Products
The powerful new way to pull wire without breaking a sweat. Power Pull-it is a compact and portable wire pulling device that utilizes your cordless drill to efficiently pull wire and dramatically reduce hand-pulling fatigue and injuries. Just attach the pull line to your drill and let it do all the work for you. Power Pull-it’s sturdy construction includes a precision bearing assembly and requires no anchors. It’s the fast, easy way to pull wire, while saving on labor costs and reducing pulling fatigue and hand injuries. Includes a spare line sleeve and tool pouch. Features • Saves on labor costs • Precision bearing assembly • Sturdy construction • No anchors required • Reduces pulling fatigue and hand injuries • Material: steel-anodized aluminum, PVC   Specifications Material: Steel-Anodized Aluminum, PVC Weight: 2.4lbs Height: 16.88in Requires 1/2in Chuck (or Larger)  
The RDT-18K is the perfect tool to install or retrieve a cable in drop ceilings or other hard to reach places. This Telescopic Pole is self-supporting, so it is perfectly suited for spanning ceilings and voids to route or retrieve cable. Simply grab the wire with our hook and expand or contract the pole as needed. The Jonard Tools RDT-18K Telescoping pole is constructed with a series of tapered tubes which interlock and extend a full 18 feet, collapsed length is only 33 inches. The pole is made from an improved fiberglass material with a polyester resin baked enamel coating for greater durability and resistance to splintering. The RDT-18K is considerably more rigid than rod or coil based products, and gives the installer far more control and greater accuracy over longer distances. The RDT-18K telescoping pole comes with two convenient hooks to help grab and/or push cables: One C type hook and a K hook. Plus a special adapter for tight applications. When not in use, the RDT-18K is compact and lightweight and is easily carried using the shoulder strap. It has an elastic band with slots to hold the hooks provided so they are readily available when you need them. To prevent the pole from opening when not in use, make sure the rubber stopper is securely fitted into the housing of the main body. Weighs 2.4 lbs. The RDT-18K is the perfect tool to use when installing the Magtime Magnetic cable holders in high locations. The pole allows the user to install the magnetic cable holders in locations up to 18’ without the use of a ladder, a real time saver.   Length:   • 18 Feet (Extended),   • 33 inches (Collapsed) Weight:   • 2.406 lbs    
Power-Fish Pull Line
Ideal Industries
POWR-FISH PULL LINE 500 ft./Canister • White with blue tracer for easy identification • Heavy duty 210 lb. tensile strength • Continuous-fiber polyline great for blowing directly into conduit • Will not rot or mildew • Can be left in conduit for future use
Pocket Retriever
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Expandable Pocket Retriever Labor Saving Devices 5” mini-scoping retriever. Extends out to 18” & has hook.
Level & Template Tool
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Level & Template Tool Labor Saving Devices EZ Cut device to accurately mark & cut precise holes in wall. For single & dual gang.
Wall Periscope Viewer
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Labor Saving Devices Wall-Eye Mini Periscope Viewer Compact in size and black in color Durable Abs Plastic Construction Pocket Clip Makes It Easy To Attach Wherever Offers Ease Of Use & Versatility
Telescoping Pole (10ft)
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
The Grabbit series of telescoping poles are constructed of non-conductive, lightweight, shockproof, friction locking telescoping fiberglass. The tool is indispensable for running (pushing or pulling) wires or cables through limited access areas and false ceilings./n The Grabbit is designed for both residential and commercial installations. The tool includes our patented Z-tip wire "grabber" tip. The inner V of the Z-Tip has a double knife edge designed to literally grab the wire insulation without cutting the actual metal wire, while the outer V (without knife edge) is designed to push a wire loop. Just snap on the LED light in dark applications and snap it off when not in use. Replacement GRABBIT clip-on lights are available separately. • Non-conductive, Lightweight, Shockproof, Friction-locking • Telescoping Fiberglass Construction • Designed For Both Residential & Commercial Installations • 22 inches in length • Length Extends To 10 Ft • Snap-on Led Light
Extended length: 18 ft. (5.48 m) Collapsed length: 27 in. (686 mm) Diameter: 2 in. (50 mm) Weight: 2.5 lb. (1.1 kg) Push or pull wires over long distances including suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces and attics. Non-conductive, high-impact construction for long life. Specialized hook can be used to install wires in suspended ceilings. Velcro strap secures pole when in collapsed position. Self-contained, no loose parts. Lightweight design to minimize fatigue. Collapses to 27” x 2” and uses friction-locking system.
Extended length: 24 feet Designed specifically for pushing and pulling wires over long distances. Push or pull wires over suspended ceilings, under sub-floors or crawl spaces and in attics. Features • Non-conductive, high-impact construction • Velcro strap secures pole when in collapsed position • Self-contained, no loose parts • Lightweight design to minimize fatigue • Fish Pole 24 FT collapses to 50 IN x 2 1/4 IN and uses snap-lock buttons to maintain extended reach capabilities • Install suspension wires for drop ceilings   Specifications • Collapsed Length : 50.000 IN (1270.000 MM) • Diameter : 2-1/4 IN (57.000 MM) • Extended Length : 24.000 FT (7.310 MR) • Type : Non Conductive • Weight : 4-1/4 LB (1.900 KG)
Fish Tailz Pull Sock (1/8")
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Fish Tailz 1/8" Diameter Mesh Sock (3 ft long) (accommodates single RG6 or equivalent)   Fish Tailz™ - Pull Socks Pull Wire or Cable Quicker, Without Stripping and Taping The Fish Tailz™ Pull Sock Kit is an ultra convenient flexible mesh pull sock for pulling wire and cabl. Each mesh sock is made of our proprietary, flexible, expandable and contractible tight weave monofilament mesh. Similar to a “Chinese finger trap,” these socks easily slide onto cable bundles yet provide a super strong grip on the cable when pulled with tension. In each sock, the mesh is fused to an ultra strong bull nose at one end with a cross-hole to allow you to connect your mesh sock to a pull line without taping.  
Pulling Grip (20'' Long)  1'' to 1.2'' Diameter   KPS Heavy Duty Medium Length 1.00'' to 1.24'' cable diameter (1 1-15/64'' or 25.40 31.35 mm).   Mesh Length: 20'' (508 mm)
The MRS-24 is flexible and designed to be used with insulated or uninsulated walls or to fish walls in between floors. The tool has 2 magnets, one on each end, that are designed to reach in and grab the 10ft ball chain in one of the 2 sized holes you drilled. • One magnetic end fits in a ¼” inch hole • One magnetic end fits thru a 3/8” hole   This kit includes: • 24" Flexible Magnetic Retriever • 10' of ball chain with 3/4" diameter stop ring • MRS-RH20 expandable retriever hook • Storage pouch     To fish a wall using the MRS-24: • Drill a hole in your wall or top plate, then drop the eye loop end of the ball chain down the wall. The chain will collect at the bottom of the wall • Locate your wall fish location and take the baseboard off the wall, scoring the wall with a knife first so you do not peel the paint and do not break the base board • Drill a hole so you can fish the ball chain out using the MRS-24. Make sure the MRS-24 is shaped like a “Z” or “S” so you can go back and forth to find your ball chain • Once you find the ball chain carefully bring the ball chain to the hole. The chain will not completely come out of the hole. Use the expandable retriever hook and pull the chain out of the hole • Tie a pull string on the end of the ball chain eyelet. The other end of the pull string is connected to a wire to be fished in the wall • This helps in case you need pull the cable through rough spots in the wall cavity, so you do not break your ball chain  
Wire Fishing Made Easy! (Click here for the "How-To" video) Quickly threads wire and cable through cavity walls and void spaces. Threads at an angle and safely through other wire and cable obstacles. Saves time, saves money, and sharply reduces the risk of accidents. To use the MM-800 follow these four simple steps: Drill a hole and remove the dust and debris. Next simply place the MM-800 specially designed magnetic rod through the hole you wish to snake the wire. Screw on the appropriate magnetic cap to the cable or wire end and align the magnets. Push the cable into the hole and through the other side of the wall. That's it! 44% TIME SAVINGS Six Sigma certified Dramatically reduces shock risk Easy to use - No experience required Diamond Award Winning Design Each MM-800 Kit Contains: 1 magnetic rod, 2 magnetic extensions and 5 magnetic caps.
Cable Caster
• Significantly speeds up the installation of lightweight communications cable through hard-to-reach spaces such as suspended ceilings, rafters and sub-floors., 50.000 FT (15.000 M) range allows for faster installations with fewer pulls • Bright yellow body reduces chances of leaving the CableCaster behind • Glow-in-the-dark darts minimize replacement costs because they are easy to locate • Aerodynamic darts provide high accuracy and fast installation • Optional flashlight improves visibility