Cable Caddy
Eagle Point Product
Safety Green folding cable caddy. Designed to be light weight & extremly  durable. Built from high quality, high strength, light weight steel tubing that is  0.072” thick with a diameter of 7/8”. No setup is required, just place it on the floor, remove the cotter pin & load your spools. Will hold Cable spools up to 20” in diameter & 17” in height. Weight Capacity 100lbs   Features: • Safety Green • Sturdy steel tubing that is  0.072” thick with a diameter of 7/8” • Durable • Light weight        
Cable Caddy
The Jonard Tools CC-2721 Cable Caddy is constructed of sturdy 0.060" thick tubular steel 7/8" diameter. No setup is required, just place it on the floor, remove the cotter pin and load your spools. Includes anti-skid rubber feet to prevent the caddy from sliding while also protecting floors. Will hold Cable spools up to 20" in diameter and 17" in height.
The Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser is the one tool that DOES IT ALL. It's no surprise that we've sold hundreds of thousands of them to electricians everywhere. This genius invention is most commonly used for dispensing wire from spools of various sizes, but just flip through the images to see its many other uses! Features • Interlocking Pairs • Versatile • Waterproof • Rustproof • Reliable • Rugged • Easy to set up   *Mfg Note*  This tool is versatile, waterproof, rustproof, rugged, and very reliable. It even locks together to make a comfortable seat!
The E-Z Roll Wire Rack is the ultra compact and collapsible wheeled wire dispenser. When you're ready to pull wire, wheel the E-Z Roll into position and dispense wire directly from YOUR pipe bender or 1" EMT. (Pipe, 1"EMT not included) Features • Rigid Steel Construction • Light-weight Design • Durable "Caution Yellow" Finish • Compact (fits in any job box) • 150 lb. Load Tested • Holds Reels up to 24" Collapsible for easy storage and handling.
Cable Caddy (Vertical)
Cable Reel Systems
The Vertical Cable Caddy is the lightweight easy to use alternative Cable Caddy that can be used in the Vertical position (as shown) and in the Horizontal position. Suitable for many different industries: Cable and Satellite Technicians: Already find the Vertical Cable Caddy easy to use and friendly to home interiors. Electricians: No longer, have to use their A-frame ladder and a piece of conduit with electrical tape to hold wire in place. Sound and Alarm System Technicians: Can use multiple spools of wire at a time.   BENEFITS: •Ergonomic handle allows easy carrying. •Dual ball bearing disks allow smooth dispensing of cable/wire. • Easy to remove handle allows technicians to load and unload spools and reels of cable effortlessly. • Center pole can be switched out to your specifications (comes with 18" Center Pole). • Uses less cargo space in service vehicles. • Easily gets through doorways and up or down stairs. • Will not scuff walls or scratch hardwood floors.
Tug Wise Standard
Attach the Tug Wise to the base of your reel and you’re ready to pull cable in minutes! It’s a lazy Susan for your reels. Three easy steps: • Screw to base of reel • Flip over reel • Pull wire!   Features • 4 Screw Holes for Easy Attachment • Middle threaded hole accommodates a 1/2″ rigid thread • Works with wooden and plastic reels • Construction material: No-break polypropylene • Standard model can handle up to 1000 lbs   Specifiations: • Weight  3.97 lbs • Dimensions  15 × 15 × 3 in
Reel Holder
Labor Saving Devices, Inc.
Three Component Portable Reel Holder Quickly Setup Your Wire Spools On-Site without Unnecessary Bulk. The DeCoil-Zit is a collapsible wire reel/spool holder that can be quickly assembled or disassembled for on-site use and easy storage. For large reels, up to 25" diameter. Consists of two heavy duty tempered steel tripods, welded and finished in tough, purple powder coat finish that slide together with standard 1/2" conduit to form a stable platform for your wire reels (reel/spool not included). Product Hi-Lite Easy assembly & disassembly for compact storage. Other features include: Capable of handling reel weights of up to 300 pounds. Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip to prevent slippage and sliding and prevent scratching the floor.
Perfect Tote 500 The soft bag design of the Perfect Tote 500 Eco offers a convenient shoulder strap, tool & connector pouches, tablet pouch, location to park cable when not in use and an attenuation reference chart is included as a tag. This design also offers smooth cable payout and quick access for reel replacements using the zipper opening on the side of the bag. This packaging design also has rubber feet and a moisture-resistant base on the bottom of the bag. This packaging option reduces waste by eliminating the cardboard box packaging of the traditional design and through optimized pallet loading with the 500 ft. reel inserts (PPC brand only).
The Big E-Z utilizes the same design and great features as the original E-Z Roll while allowing you to dispense larger wire spools. Features • Rigid Steel Construction • Compact (fits in any job box) • Holds up to 32"
Cable Caddy
This collapsible frame folds flat for storage. There are no release buttons or chains. This fully automatic feature allows you to easily pickup and place the caddy with just one hand. • Max Reel Size:  26 x 16" • Capacity:  200 lbs